Lauren and Adam

Grade(s) children started at Rodeph Sholom School:Beginners

Current class year(s) of child(ren): 2029 & 2025

About this family:We moved to NYC from Miami and fell into the Rodeph Sholom Community. We fell in love with the school and the community right away; we feel so fortunate to have this connection while living in a big city. It was important to us that our kids are able to grow up learning and celebrating the Jewish religion, traditions and values on a daily basis.

Favorite Rodeph Sholom School moment:Our favorite moment at RSS was the 4th grade poetry reading. Going back into the school building after over a year of not going in (because of COVID) was not only a memorable moment but it was a special feeling to share the space and see faculty, staff, peers and the children. We were all able to celebrate this milestone for the 4th graders together, in person and as a community.