Tracey and Steve

Grade(s) children started at Rodeph Sholom School:Twos

Current class year(s) of child(ren): 2033, 2030, & 2027

About this family:We met on a group trip to Israel in 2007 and moved to the Upper West Side in 2010. As we prepared to start a family, we joined Congregation Rodeph Sholom. When our eldest child was born in 2013 and we began to explore pre-schools, Rodeph Sholom was an obvious choice to continue our growing family’s connection to the community and start on a new educational journey. That journey has continued with two more children, the youngest of whom will begin in the Twos this fall.

Favorite Rodeph Sholom School moment:Preschool pickup has always been a highlight. It’s always great mingling with other Rodeph parents while waiting for the kids to be dismissed, and it’s so heartwarming when your child sees you after a few hours of separation and joyously rushes over to proudly tell you about the day’s events. Whether it be displaying the day’s art project, singing a new song, or telling you about the latest book, the ritual always brings a smile to our faces.