After School

Early Learning

After School Overview

The After School Program has a continued focus on the values of Rodeph Sholom School. In our ever-growing and changing programs, we strive to promote a sense of community and responsibility towards others. Current offerings include but are not limited to, the areas of chess, STEM-based classes, martial arts, the performing arts, play-based learning, sports, and many opportunities for teamwork and community connection. We aim to create programs that are harmonious with Rodeph Sholom School’s curriculum during extended hours while taking the chance to offer a variety of unique opportunities and exposure to areas that might not be available in the daily school curriculum.

Enrichment Programs

Our after-school programming provides a variety of opportunities for students to engage in new activities and pursue their passions while developing social connections and having fun! We encourage students to sample many different areas of learning and value the process of exploration and experimentation while becoming passionate and thoughtful leaders. Programming runs Monday through Thursday directly after school. 

In addition to our enrichment programming, we offer extended days until 6:00 pm in both buildings.


The After School Music Program provides an opportunity for students to learn how to play an instrument from some of the city’s finest professional musicians, in a convenient and noncompetitive environment. One out of every four students in 2nd through 8th Grade participate in this music program. The Advanced Band serves Middle School student-musicians who have one or more years of experience on wind or percussion instruments. The group builds essentials of musicianship through weekly rehearsals that include technique, intonation, music-reading, ensemble-playing, and general teamwork. Advanced Band takes place during the school day, whereas the remainder of the music programs take place after school. These programs include beginning, intermediate, and advanced String Ensemble, and private lessons.

Middle School Athletics

The goal of the athletics program is to foster the students’ enjoyment of competitive sports through teaching sportsmanship, individual skills, and understanding of rules and team strategies.

Athletics at the 5th/6th grade level stresses teamwork, participation and fundamental skill development, which lead into a 7th/8th grade program that is significantly more competitive and physically rigorous, but where fundamental skills are still the primary goal.

Programs offered include:

Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field, and Tennis

Middle School Drama

The After School Drama Program is an exciting platform that offers Middle School students a chance to immerse themselves in the performing arts. Designed to cater to their passion for drama, this program provides students with the invaluable opportunity to showcase their talents through a captivating musical production each year.

By participating in this program, students not only boost their self-confidence and self-esteem but also develop a profound appreciation for teamwork and personal responsibility. The program serves as a unique outlet for students to experience success beyond the confines of the classroom, often resulting in the formation of friendships that transcend grade levels.

Under the expert guidance of industry professionals, including members of the Broadway community, the culmination of the musical production is a performance that is both captivating and memorable. This includes a special daytime presentation for students and an evening performance open to the public, allowing our young stars to shine brightly on the stage.