Our vision of inspiring today’s curious learners to become tomorrow’s purpose-driven leaders is fulfilled not only within the classroom, but also beyond. By engaging in their communities, on the field, in the art studio, or on the stage, students can identify individual passions and interests that help to form the core of who they are. 

Beginners at Rodeph Sholom School

(Formerly Learning Together and Apart)

Beginners at Rodeph Sholom School is an early learning program offered to children who are not yet enrolled in school, but are ready for a separated and more structured school experience.

Beginners is a class that will include all of the elements of a developmentally appropriate program for young children. Children will be encouraged to be independent in the classroom and separate from their adults. These classes last two and a half hours, and run Tuesdays and Thursdays with a special Shabbat celebration on Thursdays.

Program Overview
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  • Birthdate Eligibility: 9/1/2020 to 12/31/2020
  • Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Hours: 2.5 hrs/day (Likely 9:15 – 11:45 am)
  • Price: $7,000 per semester

Learning Together at Congregation Rodeph Sholom

Learning Together classes introduce children to the richness of a school setting alongside a trusted adult. Each session children experience different classroom activities, including free choice, group time, and play in the mini gym. All classes incorporate celebrations of Jewish holidays and Thursday/Friday classes celebrate Shabbat with a special visit from our clergy. The program is filled with joy, understanding and support for those taking their first steps into the classroom.

Click here to find all the available programs for ages 12 months – 30 months.

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Sholom Sprouts at Congregation Rodeph Sholom

Sholom Sprouts

Sholom Sprouts is Congregation Rodeph Sholom’s home for families with young children and the grown-ups who love them! Offered in CRS’s beautiful, dedicated, fifth floor space, we welcome you into our vibrant Jewish community through Shabbat and holiday celebrations, Grown-Up & Me classes, opportunities for adult connection and more.

Sholom Sprouts is open to anyone in the community that is interested – no synagogue membership is required.

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After School Overview

The After School Program has a continued focus on the values of Rodeph Sholom School. In our ever growing and changing programs we strive to promote a sense of community and responsibility towards others. Current offerings include, but are not limited to, the areas of chess, STEM-based classes, political studies, literacy, math, hebrew, geography, play-based learning, sports and many opportunities for teamwork and community connection. We aim to create programs that are harmonious with Rodeph Sholom School’s curriculum during extended hours while taking the chance to offer a variety of unique opportunities and exposure to areas that might not be available in the daily school curriculum.

Community and Learning Extended Day

We are proud of our Community and Learning Extended Day programs which allow students in Threes through 6th Grade, to stay as late as 6:00pm on Monday through Thursday and 5:00pm on Friday. In this program, students have the opportunity to engage in activities, clubs, and play, and when appropriate, have the opportunity to work on their homework. This extended program can start as early as the school day ends, or can be added on to the end of the enrichment programs below.

After School Campground and Outdoor Sports

Campground and Outdoor Sports gives students the opportunity to engage in different outdoor activities after the regular school day. This ten-week session will take place Monday through Thursday, from 3:30 to 5:30 pm.

Friday Fun

Friday Fun is a program designed for students in Pre-K-8th Grade to sign up for one week classes or programs. They are designed to be centered around community building and structured social activities with classmates. Each week, students will have a choice of 2-3 programs to enroll in each week.

Enrichment Programs

In addition to offering Community and Learning Extended Day, Campground, and Outdoor Sports we also have a wide variety of enrichment classes offered on Monday through Thursday directly after school. We offer a mix of indoor and outdoor programming. Click below to see the wide variety of offerings we have for Winter 2022!

Threes Enrichment
Pre-K and Kindergarten Enrichment
Elementary Enrichment
Middle School Enrichment
Threes Enrichment

Threes Enrichment

Chess with Dmitri Shevelev

Dmitri Shevelev welcomes you to the world of chess. Chess helps your child develop important skills, including critical thinking, decision-making, logistics, math skills and creativity. Our program teaches your child to win with respect and lose with dignity. Chess is a miniature model of our world – its rules and techniques teach important lessons.

Move Your Body – An Art Class with Private Picassos

Budding artists in this class will use their whole body to make art! We’ll create life-size silhouettes, capturing our bodies in motion, drawings with our feet and other non-traditional projects. This class is perfect for an active artist!  

Soccer with Juventus NYC

Additional information about Soccer with Juventus Academy can be found here

Cooking with Tastebuds Kitchen

Calling all chefs! Join us for a skill-based culinary program designed for young chefs to chop, mix, swirl and cook their way to a new culinary masterpiece each week. With a focus on exciting culinary techniques, fresh flavors, and activities paired with expert instruction, this class delivers the perfect recipe for hands-on learning and fun while nurturing an essential life skill. Let’s get cooking!

Martial Arts with Tiger Strong

The Tiger Strong Program builds the fundamentals of self-defense and advances the mental and physical capabilities of each student. Our classes are taught in a fun, non-competitive environment. Children learn and focus on goal setting, self – esteem, respect and discipline. Classes are designed to learn new skills, have fun, and become knowledgeable not only in self-defense, but in the lessons of life.

Tennis Academy with Tennis Innovators

Tennis Innovators will focus on developing hand-eye coordination and the basic building blocks for a strong technical foundation in tennis through a variety of drills, games and cooperative team challenges. Your player will move, jump, throw, run and wiggle to perfect tennis strokes and begin developing an understanding of sending/receiving and tracking of the ball. 

Get Messy! Get Moving! with Marissa Kane

In this class we’ll use our bodies and hands to explore different activities. Each session will have two activities involved, one messy activity to explore sensory materials like water beads, slime, shaving cream and more and one active activity like obstacle courses, balance beams and more! Come ready to have fun and dive into the mess!

Music and Movement with Broadway Bound Kids

This exciting class is an interactive journey of song and dance to introduce young students to the performing arts. Children explore movement in a fun and supported environment, learning about their bodies, the space around them, and their relationship to the world. Adding music to the mix develops verbal, auditory, and social skills, increases sensory awareness, and helps make this class a major crowd pleaser!

Let’s Go on an Adventure! With Private Picassos

We’ll go on a magical adventure to real and imaginary places! We’ll create maps to hidden treasure, design a rocket to travel to Mars, build our own globes and much more!

Friday Explorers with Yerga Elias

Rodeph Sholom School teacher Yerga Elias will be taking our Threes on fun explorations of different activities in both Central Park when the weather allows (hopefully we can at least one week to go sledding) and the school building. Students will have opportunities to be active, do art projects, and go on fun imaginative journeys.


The After School Music Program provides an opportunity for students to learn how to play an instrument from some of the city’s finest professional musicians, in a convenient and noncompetitive environment. One out of every four students in 2nd through 8th Grade participate in this music program. The Advanced Band serves Middle School student-musicians who have one or more years of experience on wind or percussion instruments. The group builds essentials of musicianship through weekly rehearsals that include technique, intonation, music-reading, ensemble-playing, and general teamwork. Advanced Band takes place during the school day, whereas the remainder of the music programs take place after school. These programs include beginning, intermediate, and advanced String Ensemble, and private lessons.

Middle School Athletics

The goal of the athletics program is to foster the students’ enjoyment of competitive sports through teaching sportsmanship, individual skills, and understanding of rules and team strategies.

Athletics at the 5th/6th grade level stresses teamwork, participation and fundamental skill development, which lead into a 7th/8th grade program that is significantly more competitive and physically rigorous, but where fundamental skills are still the primary goal.

Programs offered include:

Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field, and Tennis

Middle School Drama

The After School Drama Program consists of one musical production per year and exists to support Middle School students’ interest in the performing arts. Providing students with performance opportunities, the program builds confidence and self-esteem, while teaching the value of teamwork and personal responsibility. The program also strives to provide an outlet for students to reach success outside of an academic setting. The musical production will culminate in a performance for students during the school day and a performance in the evening for the public.

Rodeph Sholom School Day Camp

Camp is magical! That magic comes from a deep sense of connection; connection to community, connection to friends, connection to place, and connection to one’s self. At camp you have the chance to take risks and have new experiences surrounded by people who support you the whole way. You feel safe to fail, safe to laugh, safe to have fun, and safe to be silly. Camp is always where we feel our authentic selves, filled with wonder and curiosity; every camp day is a new adventure!

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