Sarah and Carl

Started at Rodeph Sholom School in: Twos and Threes

Class year(s): 2032 and 2029

About our family: Our family is the definition of blended and balanced. Caribbean and Jewish. Black and White. New York, California, Antigua. Secular but super connected Jewishly. We’re certainly not predictable!

Favorite Rodeph Sholom School moment: There is not just one favorite moment, but a combination of many large and small moments that continue to reinforce our decision to join this community:  When our children learned to read and write. When our oldest gets excited to be able to use her Hebrew language skills. When our youngest had her first school Shabbat with challah. The many ways the school goes out of its way to know each child and understand their individual needs. In addition, at one point we remember the school telling us that “we’re here to help raise your children,” and we’ve learned over the years just how true that is and how much we have appreciated that support.