Middle School Division

Middle School Division

A Note From the Head of Middle School

Middle School years are defined by both the anticipation and reality of significant developmental change. Within the walls of Rodeph Sholom School, our students engage in a robust and rigorous curriculum designed to appeal to all stages of their intellectual, social, and emotional growth. Supported by a highly committed and talented faculty, the students receive ample personal attention to help them navigate a demanding schedule with high expectations while also supporting them through this remarkable period of life. Ultimately, our school environment fosters the development of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-advocacy.

Inherent in our program you will find pragmatic philosophy that integrates the most well tested pedagogical wisdom with innovative practice. Our vibrant environment stimulates the imagination, motivates learning, and provides the tools and framework necessary for students to explore ideas and probe questions and theories thoroughly and thoughtfully. Our teachers present students with abundant opportunities that serve to ignite curiosity and generate questions and investigations that yield “Aha!” moments that are as joyful and satisfying as they are illuminating. Importantly, teachers provide ample, prompt, and critical feedback while supporting and championing growth and encouraging student voice and a positive sense of self. 

Jewish values and traditions are infused throughout our program, governing our understanding of how we conduct ourselves in the community while also keeping our eyes focused outward on tikun olam, repair of the world, and the call for our attention to issues of justice and equity.

One only has to observe the 8th Grade Graduation ceremony to understand what makes the Rodeph Sholom Middle School program so distinct. Each student, with poise and eloquence, stands before the community and speaks about their time at school and lessons learned. Embedded in these statements are expressions of joy and gratitude, rich and meaningful learning, and deep understanding of the complexity of the world they live in and the future they face. Our graduates go forth with confidence, capacity, and a strong sense of purpose. 

I hope you will visit and see for yourself this dynamic middle school and its comprehensive  program.

I am eager to welcome you.

Sally Meisner
Head of Middle School

Middle School

Rodeph Sholom Middle School offers a unique middle school environment where learning is prized, teachers are specialists in both their subject disciplines and the developmental needs of adolescents, and Reform Jewish values form the foundation of learning in and outside of the classroom. The division is comprised of 5th through 8th Grade.

The stimulating curriculum recognizes that middle school is a transformative time of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development. The Jewish ethos of our community provides a firm grounding in the ethics and values which are essential traits of active and responsible citizens. Over their Middle School years, students encounter many authentic leadership opportunities. At its core, the Middle School is designed to provide students with the tools necessary to learn how to evaluate themselves and the world around them. The heart of the Middle School experience is the advisory program.

Curriculum Overview

5th Grade

5th Grade Pinnacle Trip: Frost Valley

6th Grade

6th Grade Pinnacle Trip: Washington DC

7th Grade

7th Grade Pinnacle Trip: American South

8th Grade

8th Grade Pinnacle Trip: Israel