Mindy and Jason

Grade(s) children started at Rodeph Sholom School:4th Grade and 6th Grade

Current class year(s) of child(ren): 2026 & Class of 2022 (twins)

About this family:We each come from traditional Jewish families and have tried to instill similar values in our children, including keeping a kosher home, having Shabbat meals and observing the major Jewish holidays. We love traveling and have schlepped our kids across the globe to experience new cultures. When possible, we try to visit local Jewish communities and have attended services in many different cities around the world including Jerusalem, Johannesburg, São Paulo and Santiago. No matter where you are the prayers always sound the same, which makes us feel at home even though we are physically thousands of miles away. Our kids spend much of their free time participating in various team sports or trying desperately to break high scores in the video games they play with their friends. We love everything about living in NYC from the parks, to the entertainment to all the fascinating people that you meet on a daily basis. More than anything, we feel incredibly fortunate to have developed so many close friendships with the parents of our kids’ friends and believe our kids are very lucky to have so many great role models that they can look up to.

Favorite Rodeph Sholom School moment:We are not sure there was a particular moment, more of a feeling. Since our older boys arrived in 6th grade, there was no more pick up or drop off so our opportunities to meet other parents and kids were very limited. And then COVID. But from the beginning, the way the school handled the shutdown, the way the Rodeph Sholom School kids welcomed our boys as their friends, both virtually and in person whenever possible, we knew we were a part of a close knit community with similar backgrounds and beliefs, a family. Without a lot of personal contact with the parents, we just knew that the boys were starting to make lifelong friendships and seeing them grow and thrive as members of the Rodeph Sholom community has been invaluable to us.