Gara and Josh

Grade(s) children started at Rodeph Sholom School: Beginners

Current class year(s) of child(ren): 2032 & 2029

About this family: As parents, we have felt a strong commitment to raising our children with integrity, values and a sense of self-all things Rodeph Sholom is amazing at fostering. We also wanted to give our family a warm and strong knit community in such a busy chaotic city- our experience has far surpassed our expectations.

Favorite Rodeph Sholom School moment: So hard to choose! If we had to pick one, it would likely be the culmination of my daughter’s Kindergarten project in Central Park and the students’ recreation of the park. We also will never forget the warm welcome our older daughter received on her first day back after missing the first two months of the 2020-21 school year. We have the chills thinking about it!