Dr. Luisa Rosas

Started at Rodeph Sholom School in:


Began career in Education in:


Educational Background:

Ph.D French and Spanish from Cornell University.

Favorite thing about Rodeph Sholom School:

Our school is rigorous and fun! Our students are amazing and I love coming to work each day! 

Other things to know about me:

I have the distinction of being the first Middle School faculty member who speaks four languages; I am fluent in Spanish, French, Portuguese and English! My passion for the study of language is evident in all of my scholarly pursuits. I received my Ph.D. in 17th Century French and Spanish Literature and Theater from Cornell University, where I also earned my Master’s degree. I hold a second masters from L’Université d’Avignon (France) in 20th Century French theater and am currently a member of an all-French improvisational troupe in Manhattan.