Board of Directors

The Rodeph Sholom School Board of Directors

The fundamental responsibility of the Board of Directors is to protect and advance the interests of the school and its various constituencies in ways that are consistent with Rodeph Sholom's mission. The Board of Directors is responsible for the appointment of the Head of School, for the overall policies of the institution, for the safekeeping and management of its assets, for fundraising and development, and for the approval of its budget. The Board is not involved in responsibilities within the Head of School's domain, which include, but are not limited to, admissions, curriculum and discipline.
The Rodeph Sholom School Board of Directors has up to 25 members who serve as directors for the entire school community. The majority of the Board is appointed by its Nominating Committee with additional members appointed by Congregation Rodeph Sholom (CRS). Directors include current and past parents of RSS students, and educators from other academic institutions. Since most board members are also current parents, they are familiar faces within the community and can successfully steward Rodeph Sholom resources to help the school reach its strategic goals and live its mission.

Board of Directors 2021-22

Kara Aborn
Eduardo Abush
Karen Bank
Ron Bernstein
Talia Day
James Deutsch
Cindy Gavin
Erica Gerson
Eliot Horowitz
Roni Jacobson
Stacy Kanter
Phil Kassen
Eileen Kleiman
Gheña Korn
Daniel Kramarsky
Wendy Langman
Mark Lotke
David Markus
Marcelo Messer
Eric Mogelof, Chair
David Resnick
Michael Sand
Suzanne Waltman
Debra Wasserman
Rachel Zweighaft