1st Grade Market a Big Hit!

Under the guidance and organization of Rodeph Sholom School first grade teachers and faculty, 1st graders created and ran a Farmers’ Market for students, teachers, and families today. The Market is the culmination of approximately eight weeks of integrated study of our food systems with proceeds collected from the market’s sales benefiting Heifer International.

My favorite part of the Market is collecting the money and giving it to Heifer.”

Current 1st grade student.

Students began just after Passover by learning about their local Upper West Side neighborhood and then branched out through field trips. They explored Abma’s Farm in New Jersey and learned about the cycle of a farm-to-table/farm-to-market businesses, sustainable agriculture, and practices that protect the environment, and visited goats, sheep, bunnies, pigs, and more in the barnyard. They also experienced City Growers, a rooftop farm in Brooklyn dedicated to providing “transformative experiences for urban youth…using urban agriculture to teach kids about where food comes from and why it matters.”

The kids did an amazing job preparing for today’s market – the unit really hit all of the subject areas: science, math, social studies, and literacy, Hebrew and Jewish Studies. They were so proud and excited to sell their goods this morning – what a great culmination!”

Rebecca Hammerman, Head of the Elementary Division

In the classroom, students read and wrote about the different seasons, from planting through harvesting, and about dairy, wheat, and produce farms. In Jewish Studies, they learned about the Kibbutz, a traditional agricultural community, and farming in Israel. Math skills were built through the study of money as they mastered addition and subtraction using their skills in mock market sales with each other. They began the study of botany in science class, where they learned about plant growth and the relationship between plants and their environment, and in art class they created beautiful three-dimensional painted farm animals for display at the Market. Finally, through Heifer International, they learned about food insecurity and how providing people with animals and farming skills not only can help families create businesses to support themselves but can also transform their communities. Making connections among these concepts and experiences allowed students to internalize the material, gain a fuller understanding of the interconnections between various subjects, and also enjoy the learning process. Great work 1st Grade!

“Just wanted to share how impressive the first grade market was this year. So much creativity and expression! And the kids have been so excited about it. [My child] drew me the menu and price list over breakfast this morning to bring with me.”

Current Parent

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