PE, Arts, Tech & Engineering

PE, Arts,
Tech & Engineering

Physical Education

The mission of the Physical Education Department is to educate minds, develop healthy bodies, and promote positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity, fitness, and sports skills. Each student in our PE program is empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to make responsible lifestyle choices that directly impact his or her health and well-being. Middle School students have the option to participate in three seasons of traditional competitive sports, showcasing and expanding upon skills learned during physical education classes.

Visual Arts

Walking through the halls of Rodeph Sholom School it is very apparent that art is central to the student experience at the school. From the earliest ages students are taught the joy and appreciation of art, and as skills and forms are introduced as students get older, their love and appreciation for the craft only grows. Our studentsโ€™ art goes on full display during an Annual Arts Festival in the Spring, that is a highlight of the year for many students, parents, and teachers.


Music is part of the daily fiber of the Rodeph Sholom School experience. At the youngest ages students experience the joy and wonder of music through Kabbalat Services and other weekly visits from music specialists. As students enter the Elementary Division and move through Middle School they engage in regular music classes learning to hone vocal and instrumental talents. For students who are interested in pursuing instrumental music beyond the school day, we have a robust after school program with a faculty composed of NYCโ€™s top professional musicians from the symphonic and Broadway communities. The school year culminates with an annual Arts Festival featuring all of our schoolโ€™s performing ensembles.


Technology at Rodeph Sholom School is integrated into classroom experiences in age-appropriate ways that support our curriculum and promote academic skills such as problem-solving, creativity, research, and critical thinking. In keeping with the schoolโ€™s mission ofย achrayut, the responsible use of iPads, computers, and various online literacies are key components of the technology curriculum. We offer one-to-one devices from 1st – 8th Grade. iPads are introduced in the younger grades and in 3rd Grade students transition toย the use of Macbook Airs. 5th Grade students receive a Macbook Air to use throughout their middle school years, both in school and at home.

Creation Lab

Our Creation Lab invites budding โ€œmakersโ€ to engage in a range of STEM activities. A hub for student-driven projects, it is a space for students to harness their creativity using both high and low-tech materials. Students learn benchmark skills like 3D Design, project prototyping, basic woodworking, programming, and engineering that they can then apply to a variety of co-curricular projects.