Rodeph Sholom Alumni

Alumni in Action

Our alumni are our proudest accomplishment—the “proof in the pudding” of our vision to inspire today’s curious learners to become tomorrow’s purpose-driven leaders. We strive to deepen our connections with our alumni around the globe through a variety of formal and informal programs.

Rodeph Sholom School Network

A new and exciting way for Rodeph Sholom School alumni to stay connect and meet current and alumni parents is coming soon! Please provide your contact here so you can be alerted to this exciting resource!

Parents of Alumni

Our Parents of Alumni remain an integral part of the Rodeph Sholom community. Even though your children have grown up and moved on, we are proud to say that many of you still care a great deal about our school and are finding ways to stay connected. 

If you have ideas for alumni events or are interested in supporting the Rodeph Sholom School alumni experience, please contact the Development Office.

Contact our Alumni Team

Alumni – please join rodephsholomnetwork.com or contact Sarah Schimmel at sschimmel@rssnyc.org