Middle School

The Annual RSS Arts Festival highlights the spirit of the arts at RSS with visual and performance art from students in Grades 1–8.

Dear Parents,

The middle school years are ones of incredible growth and discovery. In these years, children become increasingly independent and develop into abstract thinkers, interested in being deeply engaged with the world around them. At RSS we honor this unique developmental stage by shepherding the children through these years with support and guidance. We build upon the skills, concepts and values instilled in the Early Childhood and Elementary Divisions, finding numerous opportunities to reflect upon and celebrate  student growth and accomplishments.

Through a developmentally thoughtful program RSS supports and honors each child’s cognitive and social emotional growth. In our challenging and stimulating curriculum students think critically, engage with each other and the world around them, and hold themselves to high standards. Students are given space to explore, make choices, develop self-advocacy, and be independent, while providing a structured and safe environment.

Of course, with increased independence comes increased responsibility, and we help guide students in making appropriate choices. Our robust advisory program is designed to support each child’s emotional development, navigate social challenges, and learn to work together to create a strong community. At the heart of our program is a connection to Jewish values and traditions; an emphasis on respect, collaboration, and a responsibility to the world around them. We develop engaged citizens and learners, teaching them not to just do, but to gain a deep and socially conscious understanding of the world through questioning and analysis.

Towards the end of the middle school experience, students and families are supported through our highly successful high school placement process. All of the components  of our rigorous program prepare RSS students to thrive in a variety of the best New York City high schools.

Eve Andrias
Middle School Division Head

The RSS STEM Expo explores how science, technology, engineering and mathematics play a huge role in our students understanding of the world around them, and their growth as future scientists.