4th Annual Caregiver Breakfast

RSS and the Parents Association welcomed over 50 caregivers for the 4th Annual Caregiver Breakfast.
On Thursday, December 21st over 50 caregivers joined the PA and RSS administrators in the Eisner Auditorium at 83rd Street for an intimate breakfast. Led by Danny Karpf, Head of School, the event welcomed our students’ caregivers as a part of the RSS community and encouraged attendees to share a few details about themselves and about the children they care for.
In total, the assembled caregivers have spent over 335 years caring for over 110 RSS students. Our diverse group is comprised of caregivers from 27 unique countries and speak over 15 different languages. These astonishing figures were reinforced by the love that these caregivers extolled, some who have been with the same family for over 20 years, for the children and their parents.
Caregivers are an integral part of daily life for many RSS families. They are the faces that teachers, administrators and other RSS parents see every day during drop-off and pick-up, and they play an important role in our community. Rodeph Sholom School and the Parents Association take great pride in hosting this annual breakfast as a way to give back and thank caregivers for their dedication. The event was a wonderful way for the caregivers to celebrate both themselves and the RSS community.

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