Kindergarteners March for Fairness

Molly Raik, Kindergarten Teacher
This week our kindergarteners gathered for an annual March for Fairness. 
In conjunction with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day, students in Kindergarten learn stories about some of the heroes of the Civil Rights movement and their fight for a better world. Kindergarten teachers frame these historical moments as stories about fairness, and challenge the students to see themselves as people who can make a fairer world.
Kindergarteners are very familiar with the idea of fairness - they often lament, "it's not fair!" We teach the children that Dr. King was a hero because he worked hard to change laws that were not fair. Inspired by King and other champions of the civil rights movement, our students took to the streets of the Upper West Side on January 24th, 2017, to march about the issues that they are passionate about. Children made posters with slogans about a range of issues from homelessness, to environmental issues, to animal rights. Then we marched, chanted, and sang around the surrounding neighborhood sharing our students' vision for a better world with our neighbors.
We hope this experience inspires our Kindergarteners to think of themselves as activists - that they can stand up for what they believe in and participate in making change. Five and six year olds can understand big concepts about what’s right and wrong, and we hope that they will have the confidence and the passion to see the world as a work in progress and do what they can to make it better.

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