Livestream Offers Access for the Busy Parent

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For the first time, the RSS Parents Association offered their recent All School Meeting in digital format by livestreaming to the community. 
The RSS PA has a robust schedule of meetings and lectures throughout the school year that highlight our own RSS administrators and teachers as well as prominent lecturers who speak on topics of interest to the RSS parent body. While there is consistent attendance of parents at PA events, the opportunity to share these meetings and lectures in digital format for parents who are unable to attend in person marks the next step in making every aspect of community life accessible to RSS families.

Video Content:

0:00 - Introductions

2:50 - Leadership Transition

9:50 - Student Support: Academic 

24:20 -Student Support: Social/Emotional

29:45 -High School Application Process

44:20 - Kindergarten-4th Grade Math Curriculum

56:15 - School Lunch

01:02:00 - Next steps, Q&A


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