Rodeph Sholom School Receives $75,000 Grant From Jewish Funders Network to Promote Community Engagement

Rodeph Sholom School is pleased to announce that the Jewish Funders Network chose our school, alongside 27 other institutions from seven countries, to receive a grant from Avenues to Jewish Engagement for Intermarried Couples and their Families in honor of 2015 Genesis Prize Laureate Michael Douglas.
Head of School Jerry Katz believes the JFN grant will help RSS to “increase its visibility by reaching out to families who might not otherwise be aware of the academically excellent and inclusive learning environment at our school.”
RSS is in a unique position to fulfill the needs of intermarried and other non-affiliated Jewish families in NYC – we already have a critical mass of empowered intermarried families in our community, and we do not pressure parents or students to accept a particular expression of faith or identity.
The goal of Avenues to Jewish Engagement for Intermarried Couples and their Families was to mobilize the philanthropic community to increase the number of funders and grant dollars supporting organizations and projects that foster a culture of acceptance within the Jewish community. The particular focus of the grant program was to enhance opportunities for Jewish involvement available to intermarried Jews, their life partners and their children.
Through Avenues to Jewish Engagement, RSS is proud to be working in partnership with other Jewish schools and organizations to bring more students into Jewish life, so they can develop the skills, confidence, and values needed to make a difference in the world. 

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