Fifth Grader Wins RSS Athletics Mascot Contest

The Rodeph Sholom School Athletics program is fierce; with 6 team sports offered each school year, multiple championships won across age groups and a formidable undefeated girls’ basketball team, RSS’s athletes excel both in skill and in teamwork. Since the program’s beginning in 2001, Athletics Director Brendan Oswald has been searching for the perfect mascot to exemplify the dedication, spirit and tenacity of our student athletes. This year, he turned to the students themselves to redesign this important part of our school’s culture.

In March, RSS’s Student Council President Jay R.‘16 announced an open competition for any student in 4th through 8th Grade to submit original drawings of a new athletics mascot; alumni were also invited to participate. Today, Rodeph Sholom School is thrilled to announce the winner of the RSS Athletics Mascot competition - fifth grader, Aidan G.! 
“I chose to make a lion because I feel like it really represents our school. The reason I made a different image [than our current lion mascot] is because I thought the lion needed more emotion. Fierce is the first thing that came to mind when I thought of a lion, so my new image shows some ferocity, just like our sports teams,” Aidan said.

“I drew a Jewish star on the lion’s heart because we are a Jewish school, and we aren’t just fierce, we are kind like a Sabra. Tough on the outside, and soft, kind and sweet on the inside,” he said.

Aidan’s winning submission, chosen by a Mascot Committee Panel, was picked based on two criteria: that the work was original, and that it represented the spirit of RSS. The Committee was comprised of Athletics Director Brendan Oswald, Art Department Chair Jennifer Blaikie and Director of Alumni Relations Louie Glaser. As part of the contest, the winner will get to work with a professional graphic artist and RSS External Communications Manager, Ariel Feldman, to refine the drawing into a digital logo, and learn how to create versions of the mascot to put onto apparel and RSS Athletics gear. Official new logo wear will be available during the first week of the 2016-2017 school year.

“I love the new mascot design!” says Middle School Division Head Maxine Borenstein. “It’s nice to see the lion roaring again.”

Look out for updates on Aidan’s design process over the summer, and stay tuned for new RSS Athletics Mascot merchandise in the fall!

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