Student Council Leads Fourth Annual Middle School State of the Union

On Tuesday, March 1st, Rodeph Sholom School’s Student Council led the fourth annual Middle School State of the Union, giving students a chance to show off their talents and interests, and make important announcements about events going on at school.
Robotics Club showed off an impressive robot that they built, which can detect objects around it; Culture Club gave a fascinating presentation on the culture of Peru, and took questions about their next research endeavor, Australia; Mr. Levine’s Middle School Advanced Band performed “Mini-March” by John Kinyon, and Louie’s music class performed a minute long demonstration of rhythm and rudiments in a drum line, which had everybody clapping. The Movement Club also performed an original dance to  “Tsunami” by Dvbbs & Borgeous.
Students were especially excited about the announcement of RSS’s Mascot Competition – which was explained to the Middle School during the State of the Union. Over the next few months, students aged 4th Grade and up will be asked to submit drawings, stories and ideas for a new mascot for Rodeph Sholom School. Submissions will be sent to Ms. Blaikie and the Mascot Redesign Committee, and the winner(s) will be able to work with the Committee and a real graphic designer to help create RSS’s new mascot!
The cast of Fame treated the Middle School to a sneak peek performance from their upcoming show, which drummed up excitement for the play to premiere next month; and Mr. Bottomley read a poem in celebration of the kickoff of Poetry Month here at RSS (and March Madness, which had equal enthusiasm from both teachers and students alike!)
The Mane Event, RSS’s school newspaper, interviewed Gabriel F. and Maya E. about their fantastic basketball seasons this year, and took a collective look back at their athletic careers here at Rodeph Sholom. Seven students from an 8th grade art class put on a shadow puppet performance in a mock student council election monologue, parodying the upcoming 2016 Presidential Election.
Student Council President Jay R. took some questions from a Mane Event journalist in the audience, and debuted the new Current Events board, which “will be a place where students can post or take off and read articles about current events going on in the world.” The board is located on the second floor across from the water fountain, and the articles will change every week or two.
“If any of you find an article that you find to be topical or interesting, please let me know, and I will get it up on the board; we are hoping that this will inspire us to talk more about current events in school,” Jay said.
In addition it was announced that through hard work and negotiation, Student Council helped to bring new snacks in addition to fruit to the common areas, including Teddy Grahams, which “showed students that their ideas would and could be heard, and were acted upon.”

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