Erica and Mark

Grade(s) children started at Rodeph Sholom School:Twos and Kindergarten

Current class year(s) of child(ren): 2030, 2027, and Class of 2022

About this family:As a rabbi and an entrepreneur who went to excellent schools that were not Jewish day schools, we were attracted to Rodeph Sholom because we felt it would provide the high caliber secular academic experience we were looking for with the added bonus of cementing our children’s Jewish knowledge and identity in a way that we feel Hebrew School does not. Looking at the educational landscape, we are grateful that Rodeph Sholom is a school where our children are taught how to think and not what to think. Students are taught to take part in the Jewish tradition of lively debate and respectful disagreements and are encouraged to be free thinkers. As we prepare for our 8th grader to matriculate to a secular high school and college, we know he has the confidence and wisdom to think critically, stand up for who he is and what he believes, and that he will continue to be the kind and compassionate person that he has grown into during his time at Rodeph Sholom.

Favorite Rodeph Sholom School moment:It is hard to pick one favorite moment. Overall, at a time when anti-Semitism and villification of Israel are on the rise, we are pleased that our children spend their days at a school where they can be proud of their identity as Zionists and Jews. We also love the warm community among Rodeph Sholom families. In addition, we love that the school knows each one of our children so well and that the faculty and administration are always willing to partner with us in helping each one of our kids reach their full potential. Watching our children and their friends grow from toddlers into confident teenagers is very special. This was particularly poignant as we celebrated all of the 7th graders becoming bar and bat mitzvah this year. We were so touched to hear Rabbi Ben Spratt share stories about the 7th graders that he remembered from the many years during which they had built a relationship in the school.