Application Process

The Rodeph Sholom School Application Process

Applications for the 2019-2020 school year will become available on September 1, 2018.

The Rodeph Sholom School Admissions Office is available to guide you through every step of the application process. Please contact us by email at or by phone at (646) 438-8600 if you have questions.


Group tours are the perfect introduction to the Rodeph Sholom School community, and are a required part of the application process. Beginning September 1st, please contact the Admissions Office to register by phone at (646) 438-8600. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information.

Online Application

Applications for the 2019–2020 academic year are available to complete online beginning September 1st. Applications are due by December 1, 2018. This deadline applies to all grade levels. Please contact the Admissions Office regarding late applications.


Visits provide children with the opportunity to meet RSS students and faculty, and are a required part of the application process. Group visits will be arranged for children applying to the Twos through Kindergarten, and individual visits for the Grades 1–8. Kindergarten visits will be held on Sundays during the fall and winter.

Parent Interview

The parent interview is a required part of the application process for all grades. 

Important Dates

Application available: September 1
Application Deadline: December 1
Financial Aid Deadline (for current families): November 26
Financial Aid Deadline (for applying families): January 11

Birthday Cutoffs for 2019-2020
Program entry in Fall 2019: Must be born between:
Twos Program 9/1/16 – 8/31/17
Threes Program 9/1/15 – 8/31/16
Pre-Kindergarten 9/1/14 – 8/31/15
Kindergarten 9/1/13 – 8/31/14
Notification Deadline:
As a member of the Independent School Admission Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY), our notification dates correspond with the dates provided by ISAAGNY

ISAAGNY Regular Notification Dates

Parent Reply Date
Twos, Threes
and Pre-K
February 28, 2019                                              By noon, March 8, 2019
Kindergarten February 8, 2019 By noon, February 15, 2019
1st-8th Grade February 5, 2018 By noon, February 26, 2019