Activities at Camp

Unique Programs For Every Age

Lower Camp - Rising Threes, Pre-K, and Kindergarten

For our youngest campers, the days will be full of fascination, exploration, fun, and new experiences. 

Our staff is full of professional educators dedicated to ensuring every child has the best possible experience each day they come to camp. Our campers at this age have a mix of activities that allow for skill building, friendship forming, and many chances to play. 

We also have an on-site pool! This gives our youngest campers time to swim twice per day, once for instruction, and once for free swim.

  • Full day rising Threes have a daily story time and relaxation period. This is a chance to joyfully engage with children’s books and take solace in the experience that is the magical world of children’s literature.
  • Rising Pre-Kindergarteners have Bunk Project Time daily. During this period, children will work on group and individual projects based in art, science, storytelling, and/or using their imagination.
  • Rising Kindergarteners have bunk choice. During this period all campers gather in the gym and are given a choice between sports, arts, and more. While they each are making individual choices, they remain in the same place as their bunkmates so they feel safe and supported as they try new things. This is an introduction to the Pursuit of Passion elective program our 1st through 6th graders to participate in. 

Upper Camp - Rising 1st through 4th graders

Our Upper Camp program is built uniquely for campers entering 1st through 4th Grade. In addition to all the traditional day camp activities, our rising 1st through 6th graders have a unique to Rodeph Sholom School Day Camp elective program. For two dedicated hours every morning they participate in a two-week program of their choice where they choose their elective on the first day of every session with the offerings changing every two weeks. 

Every age group at Rodeph Sholom School Day Camp has a program created uniquely for them. 

  • Rising 1st and 2nd graders are the first age to participate in our Pursuit of Passion elective program. They have one additional Bunk Choice period a week, similar to the program our rising Kindergarteners participate in, but with offerings unique to their age.
  • Rising 3rd and 4th graders have a Camper Choice period a week. This period is a chance to go in small groups to work with different specialists and try something new. Maybe there were multiple Pursuits of Passion that interested them, this additional period throughout the week allows them to get a taste of something different.

Pursuit of Passion Elective Program

All of our rising 1st through 4th graders will have a two-hour long elective period daily, which is a chance to pursue an old or new passion. At the beginning of each two week session, campers have a chance to sign up for their Pursuit of Passion elective, or if they’d like, they can sign up for a mix of two passions to explore. After their Pursuit of Passion period ends in the morning, campers will return to their bunk group for a day full of sports, arts, swim, and more.

Possible Pursuits of Passion programs include:
  • Sports (Floor Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Skateboarding, Gymnastics, etc.) 
  • Chess
  • Woodworking
  • Studio Arts
  • Hebrew
  • Performance Arts
  • Music (Rock band, DJing, Acapella)
  • Cooking
  • Business and Debate
  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Architecture
  • STEM Based Programming

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