Welcome to the RSS Elementary Division. It is our pleasure to work with students and families in a warm, nurturing and safe community where students engage in challenging academics and supportive social experiences.

Each day, the students enter our classrooms with smiles on their faces, a joyous bounce in their steps, and an excitement to share with friends. Greeted by teachers, students are ready to actively engage in the learning process exploring new ideas and expanding their understanding. Students acquire skills, think critically and deepen their learning in our strong academic program. The stimulating atmosphere motivates students to work with persistence, determination and enthusiasm which in turn builds confidence, competence and greater self esteem. Students further express their understanding through art, music, drama technology, physical education, and the sciences.

In 1st through 4th Grade, students develop an awareness of the connection between the different disciplines. Hebrew language and Judaic Studies provide meaningful layers that filter through, allowing students to gain a better sense of self and foster interests in duty and responsibility to RSS community while reverberating similar action into the larger society. Students are taught to recognize and manage emotions, solve problems, make good decisions, care about others, and interact respectfully with kindness. Amongst their peers, students develop close, positive relationships upon which the students will rely as they transition through their years at RSS and beyond.

The commitment of our elementary community is evident in the spirit and connection forged between students, families and faculty creating a unique, special place to learn and grow. It is our hope that you will explore it with us.

Be well,
Colleen Dundon
Head of the Elementary Division